An early access game, coming out in 2018

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the action-heavy, 4k resolution, heavy hitter games that are coming out in the second half of 2018. But, the slower paced genre is coming out with an almost 5-year-old game called Rimworld in 2018, after five years of development.

The game sees several colonists stranded on a planet outside of known space (a Rimworld) and forced to survive on the hostile planet and deal with friendly and not so friendly natives while they build a new starship to escape, either ending in escape or death for the colony.

The colonists can repeal raids, speak with factions, launch caravans to trade, and even build other colonies near resources that can be sent back to the ‘mother colony.’ All while dealing with one another and the various traits that every colonist possesses.

The game has been overwhelmingly positively received by critics and fans alike and has been continually updated by both the studio and fan-made mods alike.


One of the things that makes this game so popular to others and a noticeable gem in the rough of the colony management games out there, is the addition of storytellers.

These storytellers make up the ‘difficulty’ of the game, with one being a scaling storyteller who causes the events of the game to scale with the colonies development, one who provides a relaxing experience for players focusing on building, and one who is random and will make anything happen at any point.

The game was launched as a story generator, intending for serious players to get attached to their colonies, characters, and the events that happen in the game. With every game being different in some capacity, even without mods, players will be sure to remember every colony that they ever create.

Player made mods

If the thousands of hours players can put into the game as is gets boring, player made mods can breathe life back into the game. Some smaller mods can add something like psychology, which adds a tremendous boost to the mental health of colonists, or they can be big.

Mods that put Rimworld into the LOTR, Star Wars, or Skyrim universes also exist and can be called full games in their own right. With more and more being added every single day to fix both small issues and add new mechanics, this is one game that players can play forever.

Coming soon

With the big 1.0 full update coming late in 2018, the game promises to be bigger, better, and revamp and add several mechanics that will completely change the way that the game is played. It’s a popular game that isn’t widely spread around by the community, but it’s one of the best games coming out in 2018.

So whether the colony gets massacred by an army of angry wolves, burnt down by an angry pyromaniac colonist, or the colonists actually manage to get off the planet, every experience will be different, fun, and will show what life on the Rim is really like.