Gaming Trends in 2018

With so many great games both announced and released in the first half of 2018, the selection available has started to cement the genres, trends, and features that gamers will more than likely see going forward.

Some of these trends exploded into popularity, while others have just now picked up steam from their roots, but 2018 has seen a sharp change in direction as gamers find themselves on the same path as developers with many games implementing proven features.

Here are some of the trends in gaming in 2018 that won’t be dying down anytime soon.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale games exploded onto the scene with Fortnite, an android game that became very popular with the phone using youth. The game features several players that are dropped onto a map and forced to fight one another until only one survives.

This trend has been seen before in survival games, normally having human players attempt to fight and scavenge through a zombie or mutant infested land. And when other players are encountered, it’s usually a fight to the death to secure the other’s resources.

However, it’s never been a popular game mode on its own, until the android game came along and spawned a rush to get battle royale into every single game.  Even massively popular titles like Call of Duty are starting to bring true every man for himself game into the fray for non-mobile users, and the trend doesn’t seem to be dying down.

Diversity in games

With games becoming slightly affected by political climates, games are starting to feature less stereotypical characters, and even having openly gay characters in main roles, when previously being an LGBT character only mattered during romance scenes but didn’t matter in the main game.

Other characters on the autism spectrum, suffering from mental illnesses or dealing with illnesses or other problems also appear in mainstream titles, proving that everyone can be a hero. Several games even go deep into mental illnesses, looking at the characters mental and internal problems in addition to solving external problems.

The rise of Esports and competitions

Yes, people can now play video games for a living and make good money too! Esports and playing many games such as Overwatch and Starcraft professionally with others can make good money. Many companies are starting to treat gaming as a sport, with teams, competitions, and televised and streams events.

With the popularity of Esports, especially with the fans of the played games, many other games are seeking to get in on the action and put gaming up there with other sports! This trend is only going to get more popular as the games designed for Esports starts to get more popular.


All these trends are amazing for games, and while they all have their critics, they will only be getting stronger as gamers see the fun, inclusion, and fame in the trends and the gaming companies have discovered a massive market to keep people buying their games.